Cessna 170B For Sale By Owner

About the Cessna


 1952 Cessna 170B  N2430D

Given all the modifications and updates, this would make a great airplane for the Alaskan bush.

Since 1979, N2430D has been owned, meticulously rebuilt and maintained, piloted and pampered by 1 owner–a recreational pilot and FAA certified mechanic & Aviation Safety Inspector.

About the owner:
The owner must sell his beloved Cessna 170B.
The aircraft has been rebuilt, upgraded and meticulously maintained for 35 years by a professional aircraft mechanic and recreational pilot who has over 50 years experience flying and maintaining planes.
The owner is an FAA certified A&P (Airframe and Powerplant) mechanic, IA (Inspection Authorization), and former Idaho Area Rep. of The International Cessna 170 Association.

The owner is a member of :

Aircraft Specification:

  • Serial No. 20582
  • Annual Date 10/22/13 (next annual due October 2014)
  • Total time airframe: 2709 hours
  • Complete rebuild: 1987 (an 8-year process, labor of love and care from 1979 – 1987)
  • Engine: Continental C-145   145hp
  • Engine total time: 2709 hours
  • Time since major overhaul: 946 hours
  • Time since top overhaul 472 hours
  • Propellers (2): McCauley 1A175-DM 8040. Spare propeller: McCauley 1A170-DM 7651
  • Corrosion free

This aircraft has been well cared for and hangar-ed in Nampa, Idaho since 1987 and has no corrosion.

More details about the aircraft’s Avionics, Modifications and Upgrades can be read from the following pages:

>>> Avionics Information Page

>>> Modifications & Upgrades Information Page

Download the file below: (ForSaleCessna170B_info.pdf PDF, 125KB)