Cessna 170B For Sale By Owner

Modifications & Upgrades

Custom modifications, upgrade from stock Cessna 170B:

  • McCauley 1A175 DM 8040 prop.
  • Bartone exhaust stacks
  • Leading edge cuffs-Bush STOL Kit
  • B&M flap gap seals
  • Micro Vortex Generators
  • Custom instrument panel
  • P. Ponk main gear attach fittings
  • New Cessna 180 gear legs
  • Cleveland wheels and brakes
  • 8.00 x 6 main gear tieres
  • Solid aluminum axles
  • Scott 3200 tail wheel
  • Extended baggage compartment
  • Shoulder harnesses
  • Monarch fuel caps
  • Whelen anti collision light
  • Pulsar landing light
  • LED instrument light
  • Heated pitot
  • Later 172 cabin heat system
  • Alcor EGT
  • Odyssey AGM High Performance battery
  • M 20 air/oil separator
  • Cargo restraint net
  • Painted with Imron paint (Yellow base color for high visibility and trimmed in Blue)

Additional items included with sale:

  • New headliner in box with bows.
  • Four new seat rails and rollers

*Headsets are NOT included (Aircraft has build-in speaker & spare propeller)

This aircraft has been hangar-ed in Nampa, Idaho since 1987 and has no corrosion.

Download the file below: (ForSaleCessna170B_info.pdf PDF, 125KB)